The secure mobility solution that unlocks your mobile potential

The Good Secure Mobility Solution

The Good Secure Mobility Solution provides the industry’s most comprehensive solution for secure enterprise-wide mobility, supporting users’ demand for robust enterprise-grade mobile apps, while giving IT the data security, service visibility, and control needed to meet both regulatory requirements and service level agreements. It also provides the platform and application services enterprise developers need to build transformative mobile-first business apps for line of business customers.


The Good Secure Mobility Solution includes the Good Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform and the Good Collaboration Suite.


Good Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform

The Good Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform allows companies, ISVs and developers to build secure versions of corporate and third-party developed mobile business apps. The platform includes mobile app containerization, mobile app management and infrastructure and device management technologies. It allows organizations to focus on managing mobile apps and data, without compromising security or user privacy.


Good Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform

The Good Collaboration Suite delivers productivity tools including email, calendar, contacts, tasks, instant messaging, browsing and document sharing to mobile business users, so that they can collaborate securely using their device of choice. With a rich ecosystem of Good secured apps, employees can get to work, knowing they have the mobile tools they need to be more productive, while IT knows that data is safe. The Good Collaboration Suite includes Good for Enterprise, Good Share, and Good Connect:


Good for Enterprise provides exceptional messaging, integrated device and application management, and complete end-to-end security. It includes email, secure browsing, calendar and contacts with app-level FIPS-validated encryption and safe segregation of business data from personal data on any device. It includes optional capabilities for two-factor authentication with S/MIME if needed, offering users an easy and secure way to start collaborating using their mobile devices.


Good Share enables mobile business users to securely access, download and share documents on SharePoint and other network file servers using their device of choice, with no VPN, no firewall re-configuration, and no need for extra file stores.


Good Connect is an enterprise instant message (IM) and presence app that boosts communication and collaboration, protects corporate data, and respects employee privacy. It enables mobile users to check the presence status (online, offline, away, etc.) of their colleagues and securely instant message with them for improved productivity.




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