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Architecture and Design


Databases are the foundation of an organizations IT infrastructure.  The first step in ensuring a solid foundation starts with planning, design and architecture.  Serac's expert consultants will develop a plan to execute against, taking into account organizational objectives, business user requirements, performance, and manageability.


Having a plan is not enough, it is having the RIGHT plan that ensures project success.


Architecture planning services include:

Business process/requirements analysis

Project plan creation

Software and Hardware sizing and selection

Proof of concept and technical validation



Implementation and Upgrade


From a simple Oracle version upgrade to a complex migration from a non-Oracle database to Oracle our consultants have seen it all.  Our collective decades of experience will ensure project success even under the most demanding circumstances.  Our best practices methodology has been developed from our collective wisdom and experience and the knowledge of the right way, the wrong way, and many alternative approaches.


Oracle version upgrade - 8i, 9i, 10g, 11g

New Oracle installation







Your investment into Oracle has been significant, the best way to get the most value out of your purchase is to undergo regular database tuning.  Tuning is not an end objective it is a process and even well tuned databases can always be tuned further to provide optimal performance.  Our expert DBA's offer FREE consultations to help your organization understand the benefits and savings that can be realized from a database tuning engagement.

Many of our customers realize performance gains of greater than 10%, allowing for better utilization of existing equipment, greater manageability, and increased business user satisfaction.


Increased performance

Better hardware utilization

Higher availability



High Availability and Disaster Recovery


Businesses today demand always on performance. Oracle Real Application Clusters, Oracle Data Guard and Golden Gate are the industry leading technologies that help organizations achieve maximum availability. Selecting these award winning technologies is the first step to success, but only brings you half way to your goal.  Developing a thorough DISASTER RECOVERY PLAN (DRP) and mapping out the escalation steps to ensure maximum availability is a cornerstone to success.


Serac Technologies provides the services required to deliver 24/7/365 always on performance for your organization.


Our services include:

RAC, Data Guard, and Golden Gate: installation and configuration

Disaster recovery planning

Co-location services

Fault tolerance testing

24/7/365 back-line support



Monitoring and Management


Serac Technologies takes the pressure off of your organization by offering remote DBA services, monitoring, and remote management.  Take advantage of our highly skilled engineers at a fraction of the cost of on-site consulting.  The resources you need exactly when you need them.


We are ready to jump in at a moments notice to resolve an emergency situation.


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Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition

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Golden Gate

BPEL Process Manager



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