se.rac |səˈrak|


1. a pinnacle or ridge of ice on the surface of a glacier.


Serac Technologies Inc. is a boutique solution provider specializing in enterprise software and hardware solutions.    Founded in 2008 Serac recognized the unique challenges faced by customers in selecting from hundreds of vendors, tens of thousands of products, and constant change.  Our leadership team sought to enable businesses small and large with a simplified approach to selecting and procuring products that would deliver on their goals.


Serac's experts will guide you through every step of the process.  From evaluating the technology and defining a configuration, to negotiating the best pricing and terms from manufacturers and structuring flexible financing.  We treat each customer engagement as a unique opportunity, by challenging the conventional wisdom and striving to meet even the most complex business challenges.


Our singular focus on enterprise infrastructure solutions provides you with true expertise and a trusted advisor.  Whether an IT Manager at the very early stages of defining a project or CIO embarking on a strategic initiative for your organization, Serac will bring a practical, professional, and an easy to understand approach to the process.  Serac also partners with numerous sourcing and procurement professionals helping them gain insight, negotiate with confidence, and achieve their internal goals.


Benefits for your Business

* Exclusive focus on enterprise infrastructure

* Deep technical knowledge

* Superior and Responsive customer service

* Insiders perspective


Core Services

* Licensing

* Education and Training

* Servers and Storage

* Consulting

* Managed Services

* Business Services


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